This palace Palace built by Pignatelli in the early sixteenth century, then passed to the Filangeri, having married Giulia Pignatelli Francesco Filangeri, which is the tomb in San Domenico, among the remains of the ancient basilica of Santa Croce.

Located in the district of San Marco, as if to mark the boundary between the Via della Spina of Christ (A. Prologue) and Santa Teresa road (the third part of Via Saints) was renovated in 1772.
Passed to the Raw Family (then Laghezza) is currently Matera property and now houses the Corteinfiore Restaurant. Particularly this building has the fact that he had incorporated in its structure part of the city walls at that time rested on the sea rocks.
Renaissance layout, contains a garden that was once part of the road surface of the Via A. Prologo, whose uneven pavement is to mark the limit of a missing porch for some time now.

Of the various characters who succeeded in this palace must remember the Prince Cesare Filangeri, husband of Constance Lambertini, daughter of the great Bolognese merchant Nicolantonio Lambertini, who followed Charles V in the shipment of Tunis finding in death (1535).
Here also he lived the Enlightenment Francesco Laghezza, preceptor of Ettore Carafa, liberating hero who fought with the French, before being involved in the events of 1799.
In the alley behind this building there is still the home emblem Pignatelli (three pots). The coat of arms instead of the Filangeri (raked cross) is found carved on some altars of the church of Santa Chiara.